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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school.

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Brambles Primary Academy


Year 4 CP

Welcome to Year 4 CP

A warm welcome to all families, carers and pupils to the Year 4 class page. This page will be updated every half-term to ensure that you are receiving the most up-to-date information about your child's learning and what is happening around school. If you have any questions, please find further contact details below.

At Brambles Primary Academy, we are READY, RESPECTFUL and SAFE


Miss Paone: Class teacher

Ms Bahar: Learning support assistant and cover supervisor

Mr Elder: 1:1 Learning support assistant

Ms Joseph: 1:1 Learning support assistant

Important Information

The School Day

The class register will be taken at 8:45am and learning will begin immediately after this. It is vital that pupils are on time to school so that they do not miss any important learning.

Pupils should bring to school each day:

  • Their reading book and reading record
  • A water bottle with their name on
  • Suitable clothing for the weather to ensure they are comfortable during outdoor break times
  • A packed lunch (if required)

Pupils are to be collected from school at 3:15pm 


Class Dojo is a great way to keep in touch with what's happening at school and to speak to Miss Paone or any of the Year 4 adults. However, Miss Paone encourages adults to speak with her in person where possible at the end of the school day.

To log in to Class Dojo, please click here.

Home Learning

Each pupil will receive learning tasks to be completed at home every Monday to be returned to school the following Monday (one full week). This will include:

  • Reading - Pupils in Year 4 are expected to read every day at home. Pupils should read at least 3 times per week with an adult at home and have this signed in their reading records. Reading records will be checked by an adult every Monday and the number of reads for the previous week recorded. 
  • Spellings - A list of words linking to our current learning that pupils will be expected to learn to read, spell and understand the definition of. These will be tested in school on a Monday. Pupils will be expected to apply this learning and use the spellings in their writing in class. 
  • Maths - An activity linking to our current unit of learning or revising a previous objective. 
  • SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) - An activity linking to our current unit of learning or revising a previous objective. 
  • Handwriting - Videos modelling accurate letter formation will be live on the school website in due course. for pupils to follow at home. An update will be sent out once these are available. 

Homework will be marked/acknowledged by the teacher. 

Additionally, a 'home learning menu' will be sent out at the beginning of every half-term with suggested creative activities linking to the learning the children will be doing in class. Pupils have the option to do as many of these activities as they wish. 

Please click here for details on our school's home learning policy.

If for any reason a pupil is unable to complete their 3+ reads or home learning tasks during a week, please speak to one of the Year 4 adults by the Monday morning or leave a message on Class Dojo. 

School Activities 

PE will be taught on a Tuesday afternoon. Please can all pupils wear their PE kits including suitable footwear to school every Tuesday. Many pupils have been enquiring about swimming lessons and will be updated on this as soon as the information becomes available.

Please click here for details of the PE kit and school uniform at our school. 

Music will be taught on a Wednesday afternoon (see details below). 

In Year 4, pupils will be completing the statutory 'Multiplication Tables Check' to assess their understanding of the times tables from x2 to x12. Please see the 'links to try at home' section below for useful websites to support your child with this learning. 

Key Dates

Autumn term 1

Wednesday 7th September 2022 - Pupils return to school

Monday 19th September 2022 - Bank holiday (Queen's funeral)

Friday 21st October 2022 - Last day of Autumn term 1

Saturday 22nd - Sunday 30th October 2022 - Half term holiday

Autumn term 2

Monday 31st October 2022 - Pupils return to school

Tuesday 1st November 2022 - Parents' Evening

Wednesday 2nd November 2022 - Parents' Evening

Friday 16th December 2022 - Last day of Autumn term 2

Saturday 17th December 2022 - Sunday 1st January 2023 - Christmas holidays

Monday 2nd January 2023 - Bank holiday 

This half term we will be learning...



In Year 4, pupils will continue to develop the transcription, composition and SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) skills introduced to them in Year 3. Writing lessons will begin with a focus on revisiting previous learning and ensuring that written presentation is to a high standard. Pupils will analyse model texts relating to their Science and Geography topics and begin to compose their own pieces of writing. 

Key learning objectives:

- Increase the legibility, consistency and quality of handwriting which should be joined accurately. 

- Use a wider range of conjunctions, adverbs (including fronted adverbials) and prepositions.

- Punctuate direct speech accurately.

- Use the present perfect form of verbs in contrast to the past tense. 

- Use prefixes, suffixes and homophones accurately in spelling.

- Place the possessive apostrophe accurately in words with both regular and irregular plurals.

- Plan, draft and write extended pieces that include well-organised paragraphs where appropriate.

- Proofread, edit and evaluate their own and others' writing.

Click here to visit the BBC Bitesize page on Year 4 creative writing.


Year 4 pupils will partake in daily guided reading sessions in the classroom as well as reading 1:1 with an adult in school at least once every week. They will also be encouraged to read independently from books in the classroom library which include texts linking to current learning topics as well as those to develop wider knowledge and promote reading for pleasure. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view some of our book focusses for this half-term. 

Click here to visit the BBC Bitesize page on Year 4 reading comprehension.


Unit 1: Place Value

Key learning objectives:

- Represent, partition, compare and order numbers to 1,000 and 10,000

- Find 1, 10, 100 and 1,000 more or less

- Roman numerals

- Rounding to the nearest 10, 100 or 1,000

Click here to visit the BBC Bitesize page on rounding and estimating.

Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction

Key learning objectives:

- Add and subtract 1s, 10s, 100s and 1,000s

- Add and subtract up to two 4-digit numbers with more than one exchange

- Estimating answers and strategies for checking


Unit 3: Measurement (Area)

Key learning objectives:

- Find the area of a shape using a variety of methods

- Compare areas

Click here to visit the BBC Bitesize page on finding the area.

Unit 4: Multiplication and Division

Key learning objectives:

- Revise multiples of 3

- Multiply and divide by 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12

- Multiple by 1 and 0

- Divide a number by 1 and itself

- Multiply three numbers



Unit 1: Living Things and Their Habitats 

Key learning objectives:                                        

- To recognise that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways.          

- To compare the classification of common UK plants and animals to living things found in other places. 

- To understand that environments can change and this can sometimes pose a danger to living things.

Click here to visit the BBC Bitesize page for this Science unit.


Unit 1: Weather and Climate Change

Key learning objectives: 

- To learn about climate, climate zones and biomes. 

- To understand what the polar regions, desert climates and monsoon climates are like.

- To consider climate change. 

Click here to visit the BBC Bitesize page for this Geography unit.

Pupils will be alternating between History and Geography learning every half-term. In Autumn term 2, pupils will begin their first History unit of learning. 


Unit 1: Art and Design Skills

- Optical illusions

- Willow patterns

- Working in the style of Paul Cezanne: Watercolour

- Craft: Soap sculptures

- Working in the style of Giorgio Morandi: Still life drawing

Pupils will be alternating between Art and DT learning every half-term. In Autumn term 2, pupils will begin their first DT unit of learning. 


Unit 1: How are important events remembered in ceremonies?

Pupils will learn about and compare important events across religions and ancient civilisations with a focus on the use of light


Unit 1: Being Me in My World

- Being part of a class team and a school citizen

- Rights, responsibilities and democracy (school council, group decision-making and having a voice)

- Rewards and consequences

- What motivates behaviour?


Music learning will be delivered by the external agency 'Musica Kirklees' every Wednesday afternoon. 


Unit 1: Core vocabulary and presenting myself 


Unit 1: Personal Skills

- Footwork including balancing on one leg 

- Throwing, catching, striking and fielding

Book Focus


The images above represent a small selection of the books available in the Year 4 classroom linking to our learning topics this half-term. Click on each image to be taken directly to a website where you can preview the text and view its purchasing options if you wish to have a copy at home. All pupils will have access to these books (and many more) in school. 

Links to try at home



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