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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school.

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Brambles Primary Academy

Year 2 Beech

Did you know...

Beech trees can survive for over 400 years.

Beech trees bloom in spring, from April to May, shortly after leaves appear. Flowers are pollinated by the wind. 

Beech bark is extremely thin and scars easily. Since the beech tree has such delicate bark, it is easy for people to carve into it.

Welcome to Year 2 Beech

 Welcome to Year 2!

It is the final stage of Key Stage One and we are so excited to have you here!

We have three school rules:

Be Ready

Be Respectful

Be Safe



     Miss Cardus - Class Teacher  


     Other adults you may see in the classroom are Miss Kitching, Miss Farook and Miss Rice.   

                                Miss Plucker will also be teaching you on a Friday afternoon.                    

Important Information

The School Day

The class register will be taken at 8:45am and learning will begin immediately after this.               It is vital that pupils are on time to school so that they do not miss any important learning.

Pupils should bring to school each day:

  • Their reading book and reading record
  • A water bottle with their name on
  • Suitable clothing for the weather to ensure they are comfortable during outdoor break times
  • A packed lunch (if required)

Pupils are to be collected from school at 3:15pm


PE days 

PE is taught on a Wednesday and Thursday.

 Please send your child to school wearing their PE kit. For more information on uniform please click Uniform.

Please make sure your child's name in in their PE kits, school uniforms, coats, hats, scarves and gloves.  



Reading books will be given out every Friday.

Your child will receive a 'Year 2 top 50 must read book', which is a book of their own choice to promote reading for pleasure.

They will also receive a shared reader matched to their phonic reading level.

Both shared readers and top 50 books will be collected on Friday. 


 Every Friday your child will receive a set of spellings and a Maths worksheet to complement the learning in school. Homework is optional.


It is important to keep hydrated throughout the school day, so please ensure your child brings a water bottle with their name on.

This half term we will be learning...


Guided Reading 

We have Guided Reading or Phonics daily. This half term, in Guided Reading, we will be reading the book Fantastic Mr Fox.
'Mr Fox, a family man, goes back to his ways of stealing, unable to resist his animal instincts. However, he finds himself trapped when three farmers decide to kill him and his kind.'




This half term we are looking at the story Traction Man by Mini Grey and we will be writing a character description and an adventure story based on this. 
'With an action outfit for every occasion, Traction Man patrols the house. Whether he is saving toys (in latex space suit and Perspex helmet, teamed with Rocket Boots); searching the sink for the lost wreck of the sieve (in sub-aqua suit, fluorescent flippers and infra-red mask) or rescuing damsels in distress (in jungle pants, camouflage vest and a bandanna), Traction Man is never less than stylishly turned out and expertly accessorised. He is the last word in heroic fashion flair – until, that is, the day that he is presented with an all-in-one knitted green romper suit and matching bonnet by his owner’s granny.'
Image result for traction man
We will then be moving on to writing a biography 'Bold Women in Black History'



As Mathematicians this half term, we will continue addition and subtraction using a range of methods. We will then move onto shape exploring 2D and 3D shapes, looking at sides, faces and vertices. We will then end the term looking at money. 

2D Shapes & 3D Shapes Wall Chart – WisdomWallcharts.com


As Scientists, we are studying 'Uses of everyday materials'.
Children will learn about the usefulness and suitability of materials for different objects and will learn which objects can be changed by manipulating them.  










 This half-term we will be learning all about  'Our local heroes'. In this topic we will be learning about some heroes local to our community, 

Image result for superheros outline

We will be alternating between History and Geography every half term.


Design and Technology 

In DT this half term we will be recreating Baby Bear's chair.  We will  produce a finished structure and evaluate its strength, stiffness and stability.



We follow the Kirklees Agreed Syllabus in R.E.

This half-term we will be exploring the theme and question - How can we make good choices. 
We will study moral codes from Christianity, Judaism and Islam including the Ten Commandments and the Five Pillars


Our topic this half term is  'Celebrating differences'. 



As Musicians, we follow the Charanga music scheme and learn how to find the pulse of a song. We do lots of singing and play along to the music. 

Along with Charanga, as a whole school each week we listen to a focused artist. This enables children to experience a broad genre of music.

Each week we will also have a focused artist that we will listen to and learn about in the classroom.



 As Athletes, we have an afternoon of PE every week on a Wednesday and Thursday.  Our focus this half term is throw, prepare and catch working on our hand-eye coordination skills.

Children Playing with Ball Catch Throw Boy Girl KS1 Illustration - Twinkl

Links to try at home


 Reading  - E-Library  


Little Wandle Letters and Sounds

 Phonics Games                                  Phonics Games

 Maths Games                                          Maths Videos and Games

           TT Rockstars Times Tables         


Class Dojo Year Group Page

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